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North County Aces was started in 2004 by Tom and JoAnn Nettlehorst, Audrey and Bruce Lee and Janet Hall.  We felt it was important to give the girls and boys in the North County Area and beyond more chances to play the sport of volleyball.
The club was built with the hope to reach as many boys and girls in the area who has the desire to work hard and play harder.  We focus on developing the players skills, stress the importance of being good sports and great teammates. We want the players to grow in the sport and have the passion that we have.  By doing this we are lucky to have 4 of our former players come back and coach for us and I really love having them back in the Aces family.

We have grown from only having 3 teams to this year having 8 and hopefully each year with the right coaching we will be able to keep adding teams.  We have tried hard to keep the cost down so we can give everyone the chance to player on a select team.  We don't want to see anyone not play because of cost.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Janet Hall
North County Aces-Director
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