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15-Royal ends season with 1st in Copper Division @ Gateway Regionals
For 3yrs straight years this team has been able to end their season with a 1st place medal at Gateway Regionals. They have medaled several times during this season and ended their last 3-tournaments in the Gold Division. They took 3rd in Pool play on Saturday - putting them in the Copper Division but came out Sunday ready to put the ball down. They came together united as a team and all their hard work paid off. Well done Ladies!! We couldn't be prouder.
Posted by Janet Hall, Created Mon Apr 28, 2014, Updated Mon Apr 28, 2014

15-Black ends season with 2nd in Bronze Consolation Bracket @ Gateway Regionals
This team has really brought an amazing end to their 1st season together by taking 2nd in the Bronze Consolation Bracket. All season long we have watched them come out and play strong and united. This weekend at Gateway Regionals wasn't any different. For 2-days straight they came out and gave everything despite being tired, sore and injured. Thank you ladies for all of your hard work and for letting us be a part of it!

Posted by Janet Hall, Created Mon Apr 28, 2014

Summer Training League
training league.doc (29.00 K)








Posted by Janet Hall, Created Wed Apr 23, 2014

14-Royal takes 1st in Bronze at Regional Championships

The 14's Royal team closed out it's select season by winning the Bronze Regional Championship in very exciting fashion on Sunday. After finishing second with a 5-2 record at the conclusion of pool play on Saturday, their final pool play match against RC Flyers 14's would prove to be a preview of Sunday's championship match. The Royal team went three sets in all four matches on Sunday, which highlights how closely matched the competition was in Regionals this year. Below is  the Sunday schedule and results:


Defeated Wentzville Heat 14's Orange 2 sets to 1: 25-14, 21-25, 15-9.

Defeated Netforce 14's Blue 2 sets to 1:  25-22, 15-25, 15-7.

Defeated Franklin County 14's BV 2 sets to 1: 25-17, 12-25, 15-10.

Defeated RC Flyers 14's 2 sets to 1: 25-22, 21-25, 15-8.


Words cannot describe how proud the club staff is of these girls!! Great job on a fantastic conclusion to the 2014 select season!!!

Posted by Janet Hall, Created Mon Apr 14, 2014

15-Black takes 2nd in Gold @ MidSouth Shootout - Memphis, TN 04/12/14

Congratulations to the Aces 15-Black team for taking 2nd in Gold at the MidSouth Shootout in Memphis, TN this weekend. They went 6-1 in pool play:

2-0 against MS Impact Green
2-1 against Shoals Attack
2-0 against Sting

Securing them in 1st Place and putting them in the Gold Division going into Playoffs.

During the Semi's they faced the Aces 15-Royal team who was 2nd in their Pool. This faceoff to see which team would be going into the Championship could only be described as EPIC. Both teams battled back & forth over every point - all the girls gave EVERYTHING - with neither team showing any sign of backing down. After 3-hard fought games Aces Black won in the 3rd game 15-13 to send them to the Championship.

There they faced Joboro Storm and after another 2-hard fought games took 2nd in Gold. All coaches & parents are very proud of both teams. Thank you ladies for an incredible weekend of volleyball

Posted by Janet Hall, Created Mon Apr 14, 2014

Aces 12's take 1st in Silver @ Bishop DuBourg Tournament
These young ladies are on a roll. For the 2nd week in a row they are taken 1st in Silver at their tournament. We want to Congratulate all of the players and coaches on doing such a great job. Keep up the good work Ladies!
Posted by Janet Hall, Created Mon Apr 7, 2014

Aces 12's takes 1st in Silver @ Gametime Tournament 03.23.14
We want to congratulate the Aces 12's team on a taking 1st in Silver @ the Gametime Tournament on 03.23.14
These ladies beat Rockwood 2-1 to get to the Championship and then beat the Lions 2-0 to take the Silver Championship. Way to play strong and united!! Keep up the great work ladies!!!
Posted by Janet Hall, Created Tue Mar 25, 2014

16-Royal takes 1st in Silver @ Gametime Tournament 03.23.14
Congratulations to the 16's Royal team on taking 1st in Silver @ the Gametime Tournament! Way to come out and play your hearts out Ladies! Special thanks to Natalie Sanchez, Hannah Beck & Grace Frost from the 14-Black team who came out to help!
Posted by Janet Hall, Created Mon Mar 24, 2014

Aces 13-Black takes 1st @ Aces March Madness Tournament 03.15.14

Aces 13 Black had an exciting and challenging day of play at their home tournament, March Madness, last weekend. The began the day in a three team pool, winning two out of three sets to JC Crush and losing a tough match against Home Town Hitters. After a break and a pep talk, 13 Black went on to beat PLVC and Pattonville to win 1st in Silver! Great work girls!

Posted by Janet Hall, Created Wed Mar 19, 2014

15-Royal takes 1st in Silver @ Attack March Madness Tournament 03.16.14

Congratulations to the 15-Royal team for taking 1st in Silver at the Attack March Madness Tournament.

The girls took 3rd in Pool - Putting them into the Silver Bracket - They came together as a strong united team in the Playoffs and secured the 1st Place position after a long day of volleyball. The coaches and parents couldn't be happier with how hard & smart the played. Well done Ladies!!!

Posted by Janet Hall, Created Tue Mar 18, 2014, Updated Tue Mar 18, 2014

15-Black takes 1st in Gold @ Fab February Tournament
The girls came in fired up this tournament! They faced talented teams from Net Force, PLVC and OG Hitters in Pool Play and managed to secure 1st place in Pool and putting them in the Gold Division.

They went in Playoffs to first face JC Crush and won in 2-games putting them in the Championship Match where they faced PLVC and they won in 2-very hard fought, well-matched games. It was a great day for volleyball for everyone and especially for our 2-Aces teams. Way to make everyone proud!! 
Posted by Janet Hall, Created Mon Feb 24, 2014

15-Royal takes 2nd in Silver @ Fab February Tournament @ McClure North High School
The girls faced some fierce competition Saturday with going against RC Flyers, JC Crush and PLVC in there pool. They ended up taking 4th in pool and went into the playoff to face another PLVC team were they beat them in 2-games putting them in the Championship Bracket where they once again faced RC Flyers and lost in 2-hard fought/played games. The coaches and parents are all proud of how the girls came together and fought their way to the Championship Game and a Medal....Keep it up Ladies!!
Posted by Janet Hall, Created Mon Feb 24, 2014

16-Black takes 1st in Silver Bracket @ St. Peter's Classic 02/08/14

The Aces 16's Black team had a solid showing at the Rec-Plex Classic in St. Peters on Saturday, winning the gold medal in the silver bracket!!

The Black team came out solid in pool against Lion's Sports, winning 2-0, with scores of 19-17, 19-10. They fell in 2 sets to Top Notch 16's with scores of 14-19 and 16-19 in their second match. The team split their final match against STC Elites with scores of 15-19 and 19-14. This 3-3 record placed the team third in their pool and gave them a #1 seed in the silver bracket with a first round bye in the playoffs.


In their first match of the playoffs, the Black team scored a 2-0 match win against Lions Sports, with scores of 19-12, 19-11, getting them into the Championship match. In the back and forth championship match against Swift 16's Blue, the Aces Black team lost their first set 15-19, before rallying to take the next two sets, 19-13 and 15-9, securing the gold medal in the silver bracket!!!

Posted by Janet Hall, Created Tue Feb 11, 2014, Updated Tue Feb 11, 2014

15's Black takes 2nd in Bronze Division @ Gateway Girls Festival - 16's Division

The Aces 15-Black team went into the Gateway Girls Festival ready to play some hard volleyball. There were 24-teams entered in the 16's Division, a mix of both 15's & 16's.

They started their Saturday playing in 8-Pools of 3-Teams: 

Peak Performance16-Black (0-2) 25-8 & 25-23 and Xplosion 16-2 (0-2) 25-23 & 25-17 - Placing them 3rd in Pool and moving them into the Bronze Division.

Later on in the Afternoon they went in Power Pool Play - 6-Pools of 4-Teams:

Club Gemini Freeze (2-1), Peak Performance 16-Red (2-0) & H2 15-Columbia (2-0) - Placing them 1st in their Pool

They went into Playoffs were they first faced Harvester Hurricanes 16 and went (2-1) moving them into the Semi's to face Peak Performance 15-Black and went (2-1) placing them in the Championship round were they faced Blue Steel 15 and went (0-2) to take 2nd in the Bronze Division!

Many times during the day the girls were behind but fought as a team and came back to either win or force a 3rd match advancing them to the next round. They had players injured and positions had to be changed but still continue to fight. Way to go girls! We are all very proud of you! 

Posted by Janet Hall, Created Mon Feb 3, 2014

15-Black take 2nd in Gold @ St. Peters Classic 01/25/14

Congratulations to the Aces 15-Black Team for taking 2nd in Gold at the St. Peters Classic. This team is here to let everyone know they are here to compete and win!. The went 5-1 in pool play beating PLVC & Cross Fire crush in 2-games and splitting 1-1 with Team Momentum 14 Navy to secure the 1st place position.

Going into playoffs they played Aces 15-Royal and after 3-heart stopping games they won 2-1 and went into the Semi's to face Team Momentum 14 Navy again and defeated them in 2-games putting them in the Championship Game where they faced Team Momentum 15-White and lost in 2-games, both 23-25 to take 2nd place

The girls never gave up & always came together as a team no matter what team they faced or what the score was. They are the true definition of teamwork! Way to go girls!!!

Posted by Janet Hall, Created Mon Jan 27, 2014

13-Black take 1st in Silver @ MSVB Tournament 01/18/14
Congratulations to the Aces 13-Black team! They started the MSVB tournament fighting against fierce competition from Home Town Hitters, Rockwood Thunder and MOVA. After finishing 3rd in Pool Play the team roared into playoffs beating NSSC and advancing into the Championship to face off against MOVA 13-Gold where the girls had a nail-biting 3-game set to lead to victory and secured the 1st Place win! Congratulations to the girls & their coaches! GO ACES!
Posted by Janet Hall, Created Mon Jan 20, 2014

14-Black take 2nd in Silver at the Aces Winter Classic Tournament 01/12/14

14-Black kicked off their season with taking 2nd in Silver in the Aces Winter Classic Tournament held at the North County Rec Plex on 01/12/14.

This new team came out ready to let everyone know they are serious about competing. This unified and spirited team played hard all day. Encouraging & Supporting one another all day.

After finishing 3rd in their pool against NetForce & Natural Disasters Avalanche they went to the Silver Bracket for Playoffs. They faced 14-White the 1st round and won in 2-games putting them up against PLVC for the Championship. After 3-hard played games they walked away with the Silver. Not a bad way to start your season ladies! Keep up the great work!

Posted by Janet Hall, Created Sun Jan 12, 2014, Updated Mon Jan 20, 2014

15-Royal Takes 2nd In Silver @ H2 Under Armour Challenge #4 01/11/14

The Aces Volleyball season is off to a great start. 15-Royal started off their season with taking 2nd in Silver at the H2 Under Armour Challenge #4 on 1/11/14 at Ritenour High School.

They finished 3rd in their pool playing against Attack 15, SLVVC and H2 Columbia - Putting them in the Silver Bracket.

They went into the Semi's to face 15-Black - which went to an exciting 3-game battle to advance to the Championship round where they faced Wentzville Heat Blue and lost in 2-hard fought games.  What an exciting and fabulous day of volleyball. Congratulations Ladies! Keep up the hard work!

Posted by Janet Hall, Created Sun Jan 12, 2014, Updated Mon Jan 20, 2014

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